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The Nut

'The Nut' is the most significant landform in Stanley and of all the north west coast of Tasmania.
This huge rock is the plug of an extinct volcano, which stands approximately 150 metres high.

To reach the top you may either walk which takes around 15 minutes or the easier way - by chairlift.

When on top, the views are breathtaking - the walk around the edge takes around 45 minutes as the land mass on top is approximately 90 acres.

The Nut is a State Reserve and is free to enter.

The reserve protects the nationally endangered straw daisy and provides an important breeding site for short-tailed shearwaters (mutton birds), peregrine falcons, Australian kestrels and little penguins.

The reserve protects significant Aboriginal and historic heritage sites. The Nut and the Aboriginal sites are of deep significance to the Aboriginal community, both present and past.

Historically, The Nut was part of the original Van Diemen's Land Company land grant.

It was also the site of the first microwave telecommunications experiments between Victoria and Tasmania and the first television transmission to Tasmania, bringing pictures of the 1956 Olympic Games to viewers at the base station, now the Nut Rock Café & Store.

The Nut Rock Café & Store is located next to the Chairlift and offers refreshing cold drinks, Tasmanian ice-cream, energising coffee and cakes for after you have climbed The Nut. The Nut Rock Café & Store also has the largest range of souvenirs, craft and clothing on the North West Coast.


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